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“Because your body can be exactly what you want it to be... 


hence the b in Bodyb!


I believe that small changes can make the biggest differences to your life, body and wellbeing."

H e l p i n g   Y o u   T w e a k    Y o u r   L i f e s t y l e . . .

A n d   E m b r a c e   F e e l i n g   F a b u l o u s !

Bodyb was founded by Jem Brooks, a fitness-loving Wellness Coach who has loved sport ever since she was a little girl. Jem recalls pestering her Dad to take her to the school running track and train for her upcoming 100m sports day race (age 8!) and wearing purple leotards and lycra at aerobics classes with her Mum!


As an experienced marketer, Jem enjoyed a successful career in strategic B2B marketing for over 15 years. In 2015 she decided to leave her marketing career and combine the skills from her corporate professional background with her personal love for fitness. After taking a trip back to college to become a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach... Bodyb was born!

# L o v e T h e B o d y b

Jem is enthusiastic, energetic, creative and collaborative. She has built Bodyb around those four personality traits... plus a natural inclination to help people!


Jem LOVES working with private clients and helping them to achieve the realistic and maintainable results they want.


The corporate monkey in Jem also enjoys getting back into the workplace to educate employees in health & wellness. She created Bodyb Wellness to provide a blend of affordable workshops and pop-up health clinics covering nutrition and exercise all over Cheshire and the UK.

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“We all have such hectic lifestyles, our days jam packed with work, juggling kids, running a home and all too often putting the needs of others before our own, I should know... I’ve been there!


In some small way, I’m super proud that I can change the way someone looks after themselves forever.  I’m the lucky one who gets invited along to be part of their journey."


- Jem, Personal Trainer &

Wellness Coach at Bodyb

Jem, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach at Bodyb get in touch with jem >>

 -  T h e   O f f i c i a l   S t u f f  -              

Jem is a qualified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach so you can trust her to take care of your body and wellbeing. Her qualifications include:


- Level 3 Personal Trainer.

- Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach for Sport.

- Level 2 Pre and Post Natal Specialist.

- Level 2 Fitness Instructor.

- First Aid Qualified.


- Professional member of REPS Member No: RO155O25.

- Fully Insured through REPs.