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Enjoying the way that you exercise and finding a realistic fitness regime that fits into your lifestyle can make the most amazing differences to your overall health, wellbeing and fitness levels.


At Bodyb, we understand (and celebrate!) exactly what makes your body unique. All of our private training services are individually tailored towards your fitness goals, suited to your level and are designed to fit easily into your lifestyle. From dynamic personal training in your home (or your favourite park!) to group sessions with your friends or virtual training for fitness on the go - we make it easy to achieve your goals!

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Our private training offers weight loss, pre/post-natal exercise, strength and conditioning, nutrition, wellness and stress management.


We can train wherever you feel most comfortable - whether that's in your home, in the great outdoors or in a private studio.


We will always tailor your private coaching session to your body, working towards your personal goals using a blend of training techniques and equipment... plus lots of fun and encouragement!

P r i v a t e   T r a i n i n g :


"Building trust by understanding a client’s lifestyle and goals is the first step to making a change and starting to feel fabulous!


We map out your training goals together and create your perfect programme, providing 24/7 support & motivation."


- Jem, Personal Trainer &

Wellness Coach at Bodyb

We often work with private groups of individuals who want to get fit together and spread the cost of their sessions. Our group training sessions can go at any pace and are all about having fun whilst working on your fitness levels!


Our groups vary from friends training together (often to get fit for their next holiday or a big wedding!) to work colleagues and new mummies who want to get back into shape. Babies and children are absolutely welcome to come along so that parents don't have to worry about their childcare!

G r o u p   T r a i n i n g :  

If your life is busy and always on-the-go, then we can still work together using a blend of technology and techniques! This is really popular with people who work away from home for part of their week or who want to keep up with their fitness regime whilst they are on holiday.


We map out your training goals and create your perfect programme, providing 24/7 support, motivation and nutrition advice whilst working within your budget - allowing you to take us with you anywhere!

V i r t u a l   T r a i n i n g :  

-   C o m m e n t s   A b o u t   B o d y b   -

“Jem is brilliant. I have weekly sessions and Jem always keeps the sessions fresh, interesting and hard! I Love it. I even managed a FaceTime session while I was on holiday in Portugal. I can take my trainer Jem anywhere, I would highly recommend Jem.”

- Quote from Jen, CEO and Mummy of two

“I have been working with Jem over the past year and I feel fitter, stronger in my core and my back pain has stopped.

Jem’s so enthusiastic, she really has helped me fit exercise into my lifestyle and even gets my 3 year old son involved in our sessions, bonus!”

- Quote from Anna, GP and Mummy of two

Jem, Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach at Bodyb get in touch with jem >>