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“I want you to love exercise, love your food and LOVE your body. I don’t offer quick fixes; I believe in realistic changes that are sustainable so they become part of a lifestyle that works for you, making you feel fabulous. And yes, you will sweat. And yes, it can include prosecco & chocolate!”

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Bodyb was founded by Jem Brooks, a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach with a background in corporate business. Enthusiastic, energetic, creative and collaborative - Jem loves helping people turn their body into EXACTLY what they want it to be... hence the name Bodyb!


Jem helps individual clients get results, whilst the corporate monkey in her also enjoys getting back into the workplace to educate employees around Health & Wellness. She provides a blend of affordable workshops and pop-up health clinics covering nutrition and exercise all over Cheshire and the UK.